My first week

I already knew  CSVPA form the portfolio preparation summer course I did this year. I couldn’t imagine beforehand how much I would learn.

We were introduced to many different creative subjects, some of them I already knew, but others were totally new for me like:

  • Product Design
  • Moving Image
  • Fine Art
  • Fashion Promotion

Well I knew them but not in detail and not what they really meant.

I have already graduated in Fashion & Arts in Switzerland but I am here doing the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design because I would like to be sure that I really want to continue with  Fashion. I don’t want to learn only one subject and that it becomes my job, because my plan is to learn as many subjects as possible so in the future I will have more possibilities and experiences to do what I really enjoy.

So the subjects I’ve chose are:

  • Fashion
  • Fashion Promotion
  • Graphics & Illustration

I think it is important to continue with the subject I have already graduated in, but to also add to my repotoire including Fashion promotion that covers photography, styling advice and advertising and also it includes Marketing.

I am fascinated by  Graphics so have also chosen Graphics & Illustration. This is because the ideas and ways of communicating a message in this field inspire me.





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