London mood: group project

For the first fashion course, we had to work in group and analyse a Designer’s fashion week in London for SS17.

The Designer’s name I had to work with is Casely-Hayford.


The brand philosophy combine “English heritage” and “British anarchy”. It shows London’s energy and dynamic culture through sportswear with tailoring and high Art with street culture.

First of all we had to create a mind-map about:

  • Fabric types
  • Shapes
  • Detailing
  • Mood/theme
  • Styling
  • Catwalk/ presentation style
  • Potential customers profile

And then we had to create a Moodboard with the pictures we took. To show collection’s mood.2016-09-12-16-15-43-2

 After that, the third part was to drap on the stand with interesting shapes.

I was really inspired for this work, I told the three other girls how we could procede to do researches. So each of us worked on two subjects that we have chosen. But I don’t know what happened during the day, the girls didn’t work and didn’t understand what we were supposed to do.

I am a very patient person. I like to help the others if they don’t undersand something, but acctually I had to explain more than I thought. All time when I asked them if everything was ok, they said:” yes “or when I asked them if they had any question, they said:”no”. When I explained something to them and asked them if they understood, they said:”yes” but acctually it wasn’t true.

So my first fashion course was quiet stressful and also I felt quiet frustrated about the team work, so I had to do more than the half of the project alone, and it was supposed to be a group work.

But any way, I did my work and that’s the most important.


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