Fitzwilliam Museum

Great day, we went to the Fitzwilliam Museum for our second project called: “WEARABLE ART”.

“Designers get their inspirations for their fashion ideas from the world around them. A major source for ideas can be from historical works of arts in museums and galleries.”

So that why for our project we went to the museum and find our inspiration in two paintings.  Fitzwilliam museum is a great museum full of different arts that you can be inspirer by.

James Ward 1769-1859 “The descent of the swan” oil on panel
Ford Madox Brown 1821-1893 ” The last of England”
Claude Monet 1840-1926 “Springtime” 1886 oil on canvas

And those that I have chosen for the project are:

Georges-Pierre Seurat 1859-1891 “Study for a Sunday on the island of la Grand Jatte: couple walking” 1884-1886 oil on canvas
Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1841-1919 “La place Clichy” 1880 oil on canvas

Two artists that are from Impressionism genre, but they have a totally different style. Well Seurat is more in pointillism but he is still in Impressionism year, but we can see an evolution on his paintings. That why I chose him. Seurat is in his period where he want to try something new, different from the other painters.

For Auguste Renoir, well just the painting is beautiful, cold colours, pale skins, I like that. It is a nice feeling looking at that painting. If we have a look at the studies that were done about the painter and ” La place Clichy”, we find that Renoir was inspired by Ukiyo-e prints. A Japanese genre who flourished between the 17th and 19th century.

Well, That’s it!

See you next time…





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