London Fashion Week 2016

Saturday the 17th, I went to London with a few girls from school. Actually we went there to have a look at London’s Fashion week, well we could’t go inside because of course we were supposed to buy ticket or to get an invitation, but any way it was still amazing to see all these fashionable people being photographed.


But the most great thing that happen this Saturday is that we were also photographed. I never could imagine that it would happen to me. And there was a man who was filming all the fashionable people, he also interviewed them and suddenly he came to us. we spoke together and gave me his professional card. He work for “Live Fashion Official”, in one week on youtube!

Later, at the moment we were leaving Brewer Street, a lady called me and asked me if she could take a photograph of my jacket with the flowers. That was amazing. The two ladies work on a blog who is called “Flowers How To Do That”. They show how to wear flower prints, the trends and about flowers actually.


They asked me if I was a blogger. No just a student in fashion!

So they took many photographs and gave me their card. Great isn’t it?

During that moment I knew that is really important to have their own style, their own personality and not copy other people’s style. That day,like every day I had my own style and people liked it, so I am happy about myself.


I knew that this year will be great and full of opportunities!



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