Week 2 – Design development

Monday the 19th,

I had to choose the painting I would like to develop further. I didn’t choose the painting by myself, we were in groups and I had to present the work I had done for the two paintings.

We all had the same opinion about my work so I decided to work on my first painting.

Renoir: La place Clichy

Later, I went to the second hand shop to find the garments for the design development. It was quite difficult at first because I didn’t really know what kind of garments I should buy but finally I was able to buy what I wanted so I was happy.

I was making different shapes with the clothes and trying to create different shapes that represented the painting.

Actually, I really like that kind of work because I pay a lot of attention to creating shapes. I don’t worry at all if it looks like a piece of clothing, I just create something different that nobody has ever seen before.

Sometimes it was quite funny because when I was out of inspiration I just threw the garments onto the mannequin and the result of the shape was quite interesting and unusual.

Cool day!



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