Day 2 – Fashion illustrators

Today I spent my afternoon selecting the best pictures taken of my garments. In total I created 56 different shapes, with the back so 28 shapes. I printed them out and  I will put them later in my sketchbook with a few writing explaining my choice and my ideas.

It was a selecting day but actually I liked it because I wasn’t worry at all what was going on around me. I am in my world, it is like nobody was in the class room. Just the computer, my work and I.

Later, I started already on working on the second research, that is about exploring the illustration style of two fashion illustrators. Make research about their life, their ideas and how they proceed to draw and make their fashion illustrations unique.

there are quite a lot of very good fashion illustrators, but I focused on which of those are more in relation with my ideas, drawing style and son on.

So the illustrators’s names are:

  • Nuno Da Costa
  • Izziyana Suchaimi
  • Cecilia Carlsteadt

We are supposed to work on two fashion illustrators but I chose for the moment three because I really like there style and their thought about their work. Well Nuno Da Costa’s work is a bit the same than Cecilia Carlsteadt but I will see, I think I have to chose one of them.

For me the most fascinating work is by Izziyana Suchaimi because her work explores the evidence of the hand and of the time. Embroidery is for her a quiet and still act that she mix with pencil.

So yes I will definitely choose her work as an inspiration, well  will try because her work is mixed with embroidery so quite difficult but any way she has a great work.



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