Special Day 3

Thursday morning,

The program changed, instead of doing  fashion I did photography. It was really great, I would be able to take pictures the all day, it was so interesting what I learnt.

I am interested in photography, I like  taking pictures during the holidays or when I am in a special place, but today I learnt great technics to take great pictures.

They are called:

  • Shutter speed: freeze movement-fast and show movement-slow. Shutter speed is all about time, how  you can take a picture at the perfect moment. img-20160922-wa0001img-20160922-wa0003


  • Aperture: Low aperture-is about time and light. How good is the focus to do a blurry background and focus on one detail. High aperture is how clear you can make the picture on the camera.

Aperture is used most of the time in fashion photography or landscapes and a lot of other kind of photography.


The favourite one  I took and then I changed it in black & white on photoshop. I really liked how it turned out.


Fashion course, I chose with Louise the four best and different shapes I could develop further in drawings. So I started to draw each shapes with the most details  possible using different media and techniques.

The greatest thing that happen today is that Warner Bros. came to Cambridge, exactly at Round church street to make a seri like Downton Abbey. it was very interesting to see how they do it. And the actors and their costumes, very cool.



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