Friday, the last day of the week… “TGIF”

I worked on the drawings of the shapes I made on Monday. I am very happy with the work I’ve done. For me, I wouldn’t be able to add more details on my drawings because I think they are “perfect” as they are. That’s my opinion but then of course if someone says something about it, for example:

Put more shadow or more details so they would look like better, okay I would do it but if nobody says something I will leave it as they are. 😉

As some of the tutors knows, I am already graduated in Fashion and Art so I have more facilities in this subject and working on projects and using different techniques and medias as I used to do in my old school in Switzerland.

But it doesn’t mean something. The last time I worked so hard on drawings and projects was when I was in Switzerland during three years and I finished this May. So have again the same rhythm of work as before is quite difficult but I try to have that habit again.

” Be concentrated, don’t leave someone interrupting your work and do what you like and the best way possible you would be able to do it”

Finally, I draw ten detailed shapes with different techniques and medias such as:

Pencil- colour pencil- watercolour- Touch- Black pen- Acrylic- Colour pastel…But I also mixed the techniques together to have a better view of the ensemble of the details.




15:46 pm, I can’t any more, from this morning until now I didn’t stopped at all. I didn’t take any break, just for lunch and that’s it. My head hurts and starts to boil. I feel my eyes heavy and tired.

My work is done for today , I will keep going tomorrow.




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