No 14

Mark Rothko ( 1903-1970)




Oil on canvas

290.83 cm x 268.29 cm


“In essence, it is emotionality which replaced the myth. The common designation for emotionality is mood.” … Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko is an American Abstract Expressionism painter originally from Russia.

Rothko’s works is shown as a rigorous work with special attention to formal elements such as colour, shape , balance, depth and composition. Each of his painting show these elements in their purest and simplest form…

I can see two colours who are bold together to create a piece of Art that should leave the viewer thinking about the meaning of the painting and exactly what were the intentions of the artist when he created that paint.

The painting is divided in two section horizontally, the lower is painted in black with blue shadow and the top a mix of red- orange. Two very strong colours that let me thinking why those two colours, why does he called it No 14, too much questions and no answers. I think it is what the Artist wanted, that people think about his work and let their imagination coming out. I think it is interesting to do that kind of work so we can feel free to do our brain work…

Like many of his work, this abstract piece involves the emotions and thoughts of everybody views and interpretation. What he wanted to express is that the colours create emotions and he want that  people who are looking at it are engaged with the painting and let their emotion coming out. It can be good or bad emotion, anyway the most important is to show that we feel something deep inside our body and if we need to cry, we should cry.


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