Week 3 & last week

Monday morning,

I had a group presentation with the tutors, and I had to show and explain what I have done since I went with the class to Fitzwilliam Museum, from the research and the development  to one of the last work, the twenty Design ideas.

So the feedback about my work is:

Put a little bit more of black shadow to give more depth onto to drapes, so they will look like more realistic and 3D.

And the second one is work more on my 20 Design ideas with the fashion illustrators technique.

The rest, they told me is very good that I have to keep going on my work because I do it quite well.

In the afternoon, I worked on how I will make my final piece including a Moodboard, styling and the making of the master piece.


The process is also very important , to show how we think about it and how we want to do it, if its correct or not. I think it’s good so my brain keep working and thinking and you will be not out of knowledge.

I was thinking about were I will do the photoshoot and what kind of mood I would like to show.

So I thought maybe in a crowd street, a lost person in a blurry background, it will be in a Fall/Winter mood. I also was thinking about colourblock with black and white to have a touch of vintage elegance in my work as it shows also on the painting. A cool mood in a fall street.



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