Exciting day!

After have finished my final piece on Wednesday, today I finalised the sketchbook in doing and explaining the process, how I made the garment. I explained every stitching and techniques I used to make it.


Finally the finished master piece.


I also took my time to work on what the tutors said during the presentation on Monday. Exactly, it was:

Add more black for the shadows on the shapes to create more depth. The second one was to work a bit more on the technique that the fashion illustrators use to draw there illustrations.

It was really the final day to finish everything with the most details possible.

I also wrote a lot today, for my evaluation but also for the self assessment. I wrote from the start of the project to the end and going through ideas, reflexions, problems and inspirations I had.

In the afternoon, I did the photo shoot. I thank Autumn to have accepted to be my model for a few minutes, she did a great job. Autumn really had that kind of innocence and nice girl and also very natural and pretty face like the young girl is on the painting. I am very happy about the result.

I was very happy today, because after two and a half weeks of an intensive project, after a lot of work, reflexions and sometimes tiredness, you can come back and say: WOW!

Even I could do some better work for example the twenty design ideas I am however happy and if I can say maybe proud of the experience during the project week.

I also would like to say thank you to the tutors, they helped me when I had questions about my work and also thank you for their feedback, it gave me the possibility to improve my work if of course it was possible, Well, just thank you very much!



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