Final piece

Wednesday afternoon, I can not loose any time, I have to try to finish my final piece so I would be able to do the photo shoot on Thursday.

People will maybe say, : “it is easier to create a garment from already made clothes, you just cut and put together.”

Well, for me it is not really the case, of course it is quite easy to create something with other clothes but actually you don’t really know how the fabric will respond if you sew it with an other fabric that is a bit heavier or just the same texture.

So you will not really know how your final piece will look like until you sew everything together and finish it.

I tried to do my best, because I used to create a piece from the beginning to the end and not just from already made garments, so to be honest it was a challenging day for me, but I will say that I am still happy with the work I have done.

So the first step was to think about where I will cut and saw my garments. I did some small sketches to show my ideas.

Then as you can see, I did some hand stitches on the scarf and then I cut the white t-shirt and added to the scarf to create a sleeve.

Then I added to the dress. On the other side I also cut the yellow t-shirt to do the same.

I saw everything together with the machine and did some hand stitches inside.

Some examples of the precess:



Finally, I didn’t expect that kind of result but I like it and I will see the ensemble through the photo shoot. I am happy that it will be finished soon and tell the group my experience of the project.



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