What is exactly the meaning of colour in general but also in the fashion industry?


In my second rotation, I decided to study fashion promotion, because I think it is an important part that surround fashion. Everything that is part of fashion promotion as advertising, marketing, campaign and so on are part of our life, I see all these things every day and for me it is important to understand how do people work to create such a big empire.

At the beginning I didn’t really know how I was suppose to proceed to start the project. Then, I just focused on the word “colour” and thought about what makes me happy with colour and I thought  about  which colour have a real meaning for me.

So, first of all I started doing a mind map still around the word colour because it is the principal theme of the project during this rotation.


I saw that there are a lot of words that relates with colour, but deep in my thought I wanted to explore my multicultural background, so I decided to focus on the bright and powerful colours of South America…

It had be all the time a big fascination for me and now I have the great opportunity to work on it, I will develop it and at the end create a photoshoot in relation with the second theme- Colours of South America.

Well, first of all I had to start with doing some research about colour in general and what meaning it has in the fashion industry, how it affects consumers and the audience.

The main question about colour was how big could be the impact on people?

It is all about psychology and thoughts.





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