Campbell’s Soup Cans ( or 32 Soup Cans )


Andy Warhol


Medium: Screen print

Date: 1962

Dimensions: 51×41 cm per canvas

I think what Andy Warhol tried to communicate with his art is about consumers problem  and mass- production. On each canvas there is a different flavour can, he want to show how many flavour exist for one label. The first one is tomato soup and then there are beef, chicken and so on. He bought all kind of cans he could in his town grocery shop and tried to represent mechanically the look of the original labels each time.

Warhol repeated the same image over and over because he said once : ” I used to drink it, I used to have the same lunch every day, for 20 years, I guess, the same thing over and over again”.http://www.high50.com/culture/warhols-soup-tins-50-years-since-art-went-pop
He create the possibility of creating works in series.

Well, I think he celebrates mass- produced commodities because he had a positive view of modern culture and he wanted to paint something that everyone would recognise and create an art work.

Actually it depend exactly what kind of things are for us mass- produced commodity or not. I think that Andy Warhol’s work is not at all a mass-produced commodity because it exist only one of each art he have done so they are only unique pieces of art.

logo-instagram-2016-hdPop Art Collage Tool: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/popart-collage

Instagram is a social network that everyone knows around the word. It is also used by many people to show their creative work and hopefully so be known.

Instagram has a very big influence on people because some of them are very addicted on social media and they can edit as many photographs as they want and everyone can see them if it is not a private account.

Well, I have chosen that logo because I know it and use it, but compare with other people I am not at all addicted with it. I just started using it when I arrived here in Cambridge….


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