My project in 3 words or more…?

Second day in fashion promotion… Exiting !!!

I have to say that even I am the whole day in front of the computer doing researches, but of course not only that I also draw and write down my ideas, I really enjoy it because as I said it in yesterday’s blog, the theme is great, well I know that it won’t be all the time the same theme if I choose to specialise in this subject, but now I enjoy the present work and I keep going with my ideas.

After a day of work, if  should describe the project I am doing in three words, I would say:

  • Bright
  • Powerful
  • And Latino colours/project
Vogue Brasil

During the morning I was thinking about if I really understood the difference between primary and secondary research, I had a deep doubt.

So I ask Jon and he explain me that primary research could be the most difficult part of the work. Well, it consist in doing drawings and paintings of our ideas and also take our own photographs, for example for my project, why not go to the Market and take if there are  some exotic fruits in photograph. That’s an idea.

Secondary research is when you print out or cut out a picture that already exist, and create a collage with  them. That’s consist the secondary research.

So today I just work on printing out some picture about the theme to be really when I will start the second part  go the project because actually I already have good ideas I just have to draw and write them down.

I also had quite a lot of questions today because I really want to understand everything so I can do a better work and enjoy it more if I am more confident.

Well, so collage is part of “primary research”- Reacting on something that already exist but you give another look and style but also you give a new message at the work.

I asked if it is possible to mix together primary and secondary research because I did a silly mistake with starting with secondary research so I could rectify it and continue with my work in the best way. However if I do it like this I need to be careful with putting the labels of each research.

The end of the day! I am happy with the work I have done and so I can carry on at home…

See  you tomorrow 😉



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