which are the artists who correspond…

After already a week in fashion promotion doing research about artists who might correspond with our work, I found interesting ones.

well, first of all, Chloe gave to each student names of contemporary artists who maybe we don’t know. We had to do some research about them and look if they correspond with our work.

So the names I chose are :

  • Temperley London
  • Berta Fischer

Temperley London create very nice piece of cloth, she founded her own label a year after graduating from the Royal College of Art. Her brand illustrates by modern bohemianism with a confident, feminine and effortless attitude. Alice Temperley is a pioneer with artisan techniques and interesting hand-work embellishment.

Even she has great potential of creativity, I feel that she doesn’t really correspond with the theme of my project, because she is more bohemian and I am more Latino so well, I wouldn’t choose her work to represent my work.

Then Berta Fisher, a German Artist, she creates fantastic sculpture made with colourful acrylic glass. For example I would choose her, maybe integrate her in my work, but well the colours she works with are like neon so I will see but very interesting work. Well done.


By my own I found two very interesting Artists, the first one is Izziyana Suchaimi, she is an    incredible artistic fashion illustrator. I think no one does the same as her, it is very creative. So Izziyana is a fashion illustrator from Shanghai, her speciality is embroidery, first she draw lightly with a pencil women’s face and then she start to put colour on their with embroidery. its fantastic and beautiful.

And I would like to include her work in mine, I will see if I would have enough time and maybe do some embroidery in the sketchbook. because her work show perfectly the same hand work than in Colombia and all around South America.


The second one is Johanna Oritz a Colombian fashion designer, she is not very well-known but she has already presented her collections in fashion weeks.

Her studio in Colombia is some 5,000 miles away from Europe and in a completely different time zone but she is increasing with her collections and she is incredibly attached to her country and create with the most beautiful human respect her collections in her atelier in Cali.

I  chose her because she corresponds totally with my project, I am very happy to have found her and work with taking a few of her beautiful piece of cloth.

I can really feel that Colombian heritage…








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