South America

Weekend… well, I have to do my homework but I really enjoy it so it doesn’t matter at all.

As I said in my previous blogs, the theme is colour but the second theme that I chose is South America. Why South America?

This continent is full of History and amazing bright colours that make South American people very special.

I would like to focus more on one specifique country. Colombia. In Colombia the fashion industries are growing in a good way, there are new fashion designers and artists coming out and becoming more and more famous. They try to do their best in showing their incraydible knowledges through their unique art pieces.




Is what I want in my work. As a Colombian myself, I really want to show the hard work that people produce each day of their life, I want to show the mixture of beautiful colours and textures with prints.

What I want to show is that their are other countries that have amazing potential and opportunities in the fashion industry, not only Europe. I have the feeling that for people only exists: England, Italy, France and so on, but no, miles away their are great and fantastic art…

During this weekend, I worked on fashion illustrations and collage but also painting, to show my ideas through these medias. I think I did it quite well.

Inspirit by Izziyana Suchaimi’s work

I also already thought about the perfect photoshoot I would like to do. So well, if I had all the possibilities in the world, I would fly to Colombia, exactly to Cartagena De Indias. This city is just perfect in theme of colours and ancienty with interesting history about Colombian civilisation.

But it wouldn’t be possible to I will maybe in do it in the studio and create an athmosphere through photoshop.

I will see.


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