Less is more…


I had to compare these two magazine pages. What can I say about them?

The right page is really focused on minimalism, simple shapes and photographs, the colours are quite pale and monochrome. European-British style. The layouts are very simple, this page is very pure and clear.

On the left side, this magazine shows a very colourful page. It includes bright colours. There is also a lot of description and pictures about bags, sofas and CDs. The style is ethnic and geometric. This page is very powerful and full.

BBC News…

In pictures: Less is more, minimalism in Japan

This article in pictures speaks about how Japanese people live with the most minimalism lifestyle.

4 Japanese people were interviewed and asked how they live with only the simplest materials. They all say that they can spend more time with their friends or family in their free time instead to go shopping or cleaning every thing. They can concentrate on other aspects of their life and really focus on what is very important for them. Some of them got tired to possess a lot of things that they don’t really needed so they kept the strict minimum that are for them more important.

Finally, living with minimalism is a better way for them to not get addicted to any objects and technology.

There is a question that is asked to me, could I live like this? Why?

If I have to answer honestly I would say maybe, it is possible. Because I don’t like at all being possessive with something, I don’t like to keep something that is not very important to keep. There will be more free time and more space in our brain to think about something that is really important to think, instead to have a product between our hands.

But in the other way, it is quite difficult to imagine living like this. Well, if you are living alone it would be okay but if you are living with a family it would be more difficult to live with minimalism. Just have a few cup of teas or only one pair of shoes… actually it is quite difficult to say if I would like or not have a lifestyle like this.


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