Week 2 with colour

It is already week two! It is going by so fast, time is running away…

I already received the deadline for each assignment. I have to work harder and harder now. Well I think I work quite hard every day, I really want to show the best work I am able to do.

Today, I finished  writing some annotations in my sketchbook so it is more clear. Actually, I didn’t work a lot because I was a bit out of inspiration so I just finished a collage.

This collage reminds me the pleasure of drinking the sweetness of life.


I like the collage I created. It really has the feeling of South America, specifically Colombia. The flag’s colours: yellow for all the gold found in this beautiful country, red for all the wars they had to fight and all the blood people saw and blue for all the rivers and seas.

But why did I say that it reminds me of the pleasure of drinking the sweetness of life?

Because now Colombians are trying to enjoy life as much as they can. They are trying to agree to a peace deal with the FARC. All these things are important for them to have a better life economically and psychologically.

That is why I really want to create a work that honours Colombia.


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