Creative work

Wednesday, there is missing some work of primary and secondary research. What could I do?

It took me only a few minutes to imagine what could I create more, I thought about the most beautiful and deepest souvenirs I could have had in the way how to feel free and Latina in the same time.

I created some collage with different backgrounds, but also drawings that represent perfectly what I really wanted to show. Still Bright, still powerfull, still latino and still colourful…20161013_124754-1

    • Collage, tropical leaf background.

Colourful tropical birds with recreated feathers and collage with perrots and feathers background.

To explain this research, it is because you can not imagine how important these tropical birds are in South America. They make you feel free flying through the clouds and the bright sun, you are amazed to see them, as you were a little child looking at the sky, you wish you could be like them…

The second one, it is inspired by perrots and tropical bird’s wings, from there I imagined a colourful sleeve that also reminds me the traditional Colombian dresses.

Just next to it, it represent a beautiful and colourful feather dress. ( please, they are fake feathers of course, save animals! ).

This double page is developped from the first other double page that shows the birds…

Collage, background; a typical house from Cartagena De Indias in Colombia, the most beautiful city with his amazing colours….. feel free…….

All these inspirations got in one full day, what would you wish more? Nothing I guess, right?


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