Friday the 14th of October I went to the trip to Norwich University of Art’s open days.


I decided to go there because I was curious about it. Why the college decided to take us there and not to another University?

I also did some researches about the University on internet, it seemed very good and interesting, so I decided to take part to the trip. It took only one houre and a half to drive there. Not so far. I was happy to go to my first University open day.

When we arrived, my feeling changed suddenly, the building was an old nice one, inside, quite spacious. I went to the fashion talk with other girls and a teacher, interesting. The man explained every subject very good, he explained what we will do in detail during the three years. He also talk about the different collaborations we could have during the year.

Then he took us to a campus tour, nice study buildings, good facilities and modern machines ( swiss one 😉 ). My feeling was still the same since we arrived…

Also the portfolio talk was very interesting , they gave a few tips for the portolio and the interview.

When it finished, my impression was still the same, why? There was missing something, that will make me feel amazed, and say: ” yes, I really want to study here…”. But it wasn’t the case, there was missing something important in the University.

Well, first open day, I will continue my research and go to more open days…


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