Plan the photo shoot

Thursday morning,

I learnt a great thing about how to create a lookbook…

Actually I already knew InDesign but I never used it before coming here to study. Firts it was quite difficult to understand all the different tools you can use to create your perfect lookbook, but fortunatly once you understood quite good what kind  and how you are supposed to use the tools it becomes much easier to create something beautiful.

So yes I created my first lookbook as an exercice, actually I have to say that I was quite proud about myself, how I put the pictures toghether… I know even it was just a little exercice of practice…

Yes that’s it, my work of create a lookbook…

I thought about which picture could match better with another one, and I did it.

But the final lookbook will be done on Monday and I am very exited to do it.

So what about my photo shoot?

If I could, I would fly right now to Colombia to Cartagena De Indias. City of dreams and colours. I chose it because it correspond perfectly with the theme of South America and colours, you just walk along the old dreamy streets and you just descover the most amazing houses full of bright, powerfull colours.

But unfortunatly it won’t be possible so I will do the photoshoot in the photo studio at school on Monday morning.

For the photoshoot I really want to show the mood of enjoying life every day with a sunshined smile and the exited latina lifestyle.

I decided to promote some accessoiries, clothes, and makeup. For the styling I chose to have colourful clothes, I would like a Colombian modern look, a natural nude makeup and long hairs.

Well, the model will be myself because I have a very clear idea what I want to do and what better to already know how to feel latina.

I really want to enjoy that day and create a great lookbook that I could keep it my whole life as a great souvenir of my work.


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