The Photo shoot

Exciting third week, beautiful Monday morning to create a great photo shoot. Perfect day I have to say…

So I decided to do the photo shoot on this Monday, the photographet was here and also the assisstant, everything was prepared and ready to be completed.

Thanks to my plan and my ideas, I already knew what kind of photo shoot I really wanted and what kind of message I wanted to give to my audience through these pictures.

Thanks to the great photographer who took great pictures and thanks to the assisstant who made me laugh a lot, but also they give me nice tips to ameliorate the poses, the final reslult was what I expected.

The message that I really wanted to communicate was as my previous and precious three words I had to choose:

– Bright

– Powerful

– And Latina…


With this extraordinary yellow-orange background the effect was great. It gave the perfect light that I wanted and the colour that I expected for the photo shoot.

No, really it has been a wonderful day, full of interesting surpises and good final results.

You know why I enjoyed particulary that day?

Because I could feel free… it was as I was flying, as I was dreaming and I could really feel deeply my latina blood inside my whole body.

I thought in that moment :

” Everyone should have the possiblity to laugh such a lot…”

My photoshoot is done!

Later on I learnt how to create a contact sheet, very important and interesting. From there I selected the best photographs taken to finaly create a lookbook.

So one day left to finish it.

Stay optimistic…


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