When I arrived Wednesday morning, I thought: ” easy, I just need to create my lookbook, write the evaluation and the personal assessment.”

But what I didn’t know was what will happen to me during the day…

I really enjoyed to create my first lookbook with being myself the model, great experience, it was what I wanted.


Finally, my lookbook is finished, I just have to print it out and that’s it. Unfortunately the computer I was working on wasn’t responding with the printer, OH NO!! So I had to change the computer, but from there all the pictures had change place and it wasn’t correct at all. So I had to save it as PDF, export it and so on and time was running away…

During the time I was rearranging everything, Jon helped me with creating a fabulous cover page, I am very happy with it, it is what I wanted. Already Lunch time and I still not printed out the lookbook, okay, but what the afternoon was expecting me, I just couldn’t believe it. I had to print out five times the lookbook because some picture weren’t in the correct place and so on, finally after a few tentative it worked and everything was perfect:)

Now it is finish but I have still the evaluation and the personal assessment to write… and my wordpress blog doesn’t work! Why it happen to me?

I took a long breath and I thought about my work…

It is 18:49 pm and I finished everything, Let’s print out. I knew that I would able to achieve it.

Stay all the time positive and optimistic


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