Performance Art

Performances of Cut Piece by Yoko Ono


The first video is about Yoko Ono’s performing Cut Piece in March 1965 at Carnegie Recital Hall in New York.

How I can describe it, is that Yoko Ono is sat kneeling on the stage wearing her best piece of clothing with a pair of scissors in front of her. The audience were invited to come on the stage and cut on her cloth that they may be allowed to keep the piece of fabric they cut out.

I can feel that Yoko Ono doesn’t look really calm, her face express a lot of emotion and sensation. She looks maybe a bit shy, she is shamed… Her eyes look everywhere, she has to trust the audience, I can see that it might be a difficult work.

For me is more surprising that shocking because she is an Artist and she wants to express a message throughout her performance.

But in a Documentary in January 1966, her performance was describe as a strip tease show, so them it had been something more shocking that something else…


Another performance by Yoko Ono  in September 2003 in the theatre Le Ranelagh in Paris.

Years later she continued to perform Cut Piece around the world, but trough the years there has been all the time new messages and so on.


The audience create the performance by coming on the stage and take part on her idea and performance. People are very different from each other, so there will be have different approaches, but it creates also a relationship between the Artist and the audience because it is not usual that someone comes and cut out your cloth. We can also do study about people’s attitude and look if for them it is easy to take part or not, or if they come, do they take their time to cut or are they in a hurry. We can definitely do a lot of research about it.

Later on Yoko Ono wanted and still want to express her hope for world peace since the 60-70 century, she speaks about the past and the present and protest against violence, racism, sexism and so on…

It is definitely a very strong hard work!

I think if I was in the audience I don’t know if I would take part or only watch because I won’t be on her place and see people coming and cut out my cloth, because I am quite shy when it comes on to be with a lot of people around me and it would be to scary for me but also just sit and look at people cutting her cloth would probably also be difficult to see, I would feel shamed.

She performed many time throughout her lifetime, but I think each performance is different and means different things because there will be all the time a different audience, new people from around the world and also in new places and of course years past and she became older and see that she is still doing that is amazing, she has to be very   strong!

Performance Art are different to painting or sculpture because performance art are showed a few times and then it is finished, you can keep records through pictures and that’s it. It is a very strong Art!!


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