For my last rotation, I have chosen Theatre Arts because it is a perfect combining subject with Fashion and Fashion Promotion, Anyone needs people to create a set design for every event, anyone needs people to create fantastic makeup and costumes, that why I have chosen Theatre Arts and I am very glad to be here.

Well, to start with the project, the theme I got is “Festival”. A very vast theme, full of interesting researches and creative ideas.

First of all I had to create a  mind map that shows all my ideas and thoughts around this title. I decided to work with festivals and events that I have in my country in Switzerland because there are a lot of interesting and famous ones known in different countries.


To continue in my work with a moodboard that shows ideas for set designs, makeup and costumes I decided to choose as festival and events:

  • -Montreux Jazz Festival
  • -Horse race on Ice
  • -Balloon Festival
  • -Tulip Festival
  • -Avenches Opera

Well, there are a lot and I can not really focus on all these so I chose three of them:

  • -Avenches Opera
  • -Balloon Festival
  • -Tulip Festival

Avenches Opera Open Air is a very famous one because it has been build long time ago and every year there are shows and operas there. It is also very interesting to work with it for costumes and set design.

Balloon Festival is also a very nice one, it is celebrate in the mountains during winter and I like it because for these colours and balloon shapes, it inspired me for the makeup.

Finally, Tulip Festival is celebrate in Spring in my home town that why I hose it, but not only for this, it is also a kind of open air festival and the colours are amazing.

From there, I have developed my ideas to create some sketches for set design, makeup and costumes using colours, shapes and the idea of an open air festival…

Later on I did some research about the different set designs that exist around the world to have some ideas and also I did research about two set designers called:

  • -Richard Hudson, known for his set designs for the Lion King musical in London and other famous musicals.
  • -The other one is Jean-Marie Abplanalp, known for  musicals such as 4 soldiers, Dom Juan a la Batie d’Urfe.


I had to do research about two contemporary set designers but I wanted to do a third one who already passed away but a very famous swiss set designer who designed all the things of the movie Alien. He is called Hans Rudolf Giger, and there also a museum about him and  his work in Gruyer.

so that’s it and now let’s keep going.


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