Go out and discover the world…

Wednesday, second day in theatre arts.

Today I finish to do my researches about Swiss festivals and events, also I finish to write down some annotations in my sketchbook to do it more interesting to see.

Later in the morning, I went out in town to take pictures that could be interesting for my development ideas for my set design. At the beginning I thought: Well, were would I find interesting things that relates with the festivals in Switzerland?

I walk A little bit, when I was thinking about Cambridge and Switzerland…

In my final mood board, there are flowers, an open air opera and hot-air balloons, so I went to the market and photograph flowers, even there are not tulips but the most important are the colours of them that relates with the tulips. Then balloons, I went to the toy shop and found shapes that looks like balloons, also neon lights so finally I could find what I wanted. But the last one is the open air opera, a very antique open air place, old stones, so I just looked around me and I saw that churches’s walls combine perfectly with the antique side and there are the parks for the open air side.


So here are the pictures I selected for for the ideas, well it is difficult to choose specificity only one to create the final set design, but well, I am trying to combine a little bit all of theme to create it.

In the afternoon, I tried to do some sketches for the set design, but I have to work and think definitely more about it, to create an harmonious set design.


Not at all finished, but working on it so I hope that for Friday I will have the perfect drawing.

There is a lot of work behind but I just stay optimistic.



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