Great idea!

Thursday evening, I finished to draw my few sketches for my set design. For most of them, I got inspired by the hot-air balloons and the open air side, well, I wasn’t really convinced so I stopped and thought a long time about my work, when suddenly I had a great idea. I draw it in the same time to not forget it…



On my set design idea I add a new inspiration, it is very famous in Switzerland: Paper cut art.

So the idea is to have a kind of open air stage that remains Avenche open air festival, on the background, there will be like a rectangular board and I will cut shapes of the hot-air balloons and mountains. Behind that board there will be another on with a hole where I add light. When I will take the picture of my work in the dark, the shapes will come out. This is my main idea and then I will add some other things on the stage for the decoration.


Friday the 4th, I had to think about how I am going to make the set design, because it is easy to draw but then I had to make it, so I did some sketches about my process reflection so I am sure what I am doing and don’t do mistakes.

Well, later I introduced the first part of my work to the class and to the tutor.:)

Before Lunch we went to do a little tour to ADC theatre in Cambridge, just to have a clear idea how it could be in the backstage. A man took us to the backstage, dressing and where they create the stages and decorations. “ADC is the oldest playhouse in Cambridge, it involves students from universities, they create the most part of the set design. They produce high-quality theatre , it is very intensive because with two shows a night and five days a week, but they enjoy what they produce.”


In the afternoon, I started with making, I cut the shapes of the stage in a hard kind of paper and I cut out the hot-air balloon and mountains for the background, that’s it for the moment.

I will come Sunday to school to continue with my work. I have to add colours and stick together the stages…



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