Set design

Sunday I came to college to try to finish my set design. Well, I have to say that I am very happy with what I have done for the moment.

So, I started to put paint on the set. Different colours for the hot-air balloon and I tried to recreate the basket of it. Light blue for the mountains, dark blue inside the box and black outside on the stage, because my idea is to take a photograph in the dark as is it for the open air opera, that event is during night and I would like to give the same sensation of it.

After this, I stick the background box with the round front stage… well, I thought it would be easy but in fact, it was easy but I had some problems with the dimension of the boards I cut. I was a bit worry because I thought that my won’t work because of the holes. Finally I just added tape and covered it with black paint. The next step for me was to make the little tulip garden, so with colour paper I did some “flowers”. well I tried to represent as well as I could flowers, but thinking, the most important are the colours of them.

Sunday, I stayed at school the whole day to do it, so I decided to stop here with the process.

Monday, I sticked the symbols I made last night with the name of each festival on it. But something is missing… Characters. Yes, I made two little characters made with clay, a man and a woman and then I created them clothes suitable for festivals and events, to enjoy and have fun there.


During the afternoon I finished to write some annotations on my sketchbook to make it clearer, I also wrote down the process of the making of my set design.

Finally I already started to do some research about the next “project”, well it is still about festival but of course we have to includ costumes, so I did research about it, for example: the different costumes that exist in musicals, films and so on. Then I researched two costumes designers that look for me interesting about their work they do. Actually I was suposed to start costumes research first with a mind-map but I don’t really know or understand how to do a mind-map about costumes so I will ask the tutors to give me some tips about it.

At the end of the day, I had to show my work to the tutor and speak with her what I have to finish or to improve. I had some comments and actually everything seems good.

So I think that I have to keep going and just to do my best work I am able to do even sometimes I have problems to solve but whatever, that’s alright.

Wednesday I am going to take photographs of the set and I really hope that my idea with light would work, however I will do some light test also.





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