“Festival” – Costumes

Wednesday, After have finished everything about the set design and all the research, I started to work on the second part of the project that includes costumes. In theatre, costumes are the main thing there, but also in ballet, opera or films, they give a special touch to the story that is told.

Well, first I had to create a mind map, but how to do a mind map about costumes? I asked the tutors to give me examples and actually I found quite easy to do it. How is/are the character(s), History, for what kind of theatre is it for and so on. So I wrote about ancient roman because Avenches open air opera in an ancient roman amphitheatre, I did research about their clothing and their accessories. To complete it, I also did some research about typical swiss clothing, for male and female of course.

After this I decided to look for different costumes in each area: theatre, films, ballet. spectacular clothing!


Something that is also very important and part of the project, is to do research about costume designers. I have chosen two, one is British, the other one American.

Alexandra Byrne, is more focused on creating costumes for historical period dramas. Well, she won few awards for best costumes, she designed costumes for Hamlet, Elisabeth the gold age and more other interesting ones. Alexandra also participate to design costumes for the film doctor strange in 2016.

Collen Atwood, American costume designer has been nominated eleven times also for best costume design, she won three times for the films: Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha and Alice in wonderland, she has collaborated few time with Tim Burton in his movies.


After the main research, I was wondering how exactly roman clothing looked like at that time, so I printed out some pictures about it, they used to wear very luxurious fabrics and nice jewellery with precious stones.

The other research, as in my mind map has been about typical swiss clothing, I knew but I could also see that even for women and men there are a lot of colourful embroidery of their cloth. Why not? and they are very nice ones.

Well, I can’t stay only with ancient or typical clothing of course so I did research for modern clothing, more focused on embroidery as in Switzerland.


In addition, then I started to draw some sketches for different costumes ideas for male and female, costumes that reminds a little bit ancient roman but more focused on Switzerland’s tradition and festivals.

So finally I am wondering what I am going to make as my final piece wethever I maybe already have an idea…




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