Earth & Land Art


Andy Goldsworthy 1956

Andy Goldsworthy is a British Land Art Artist, he collaborates with nature and with what surrounds him to create his work. The understanding of his work is with time of environmental awareness, of course, all of his work are temporary because you never know what will happen and he accepts that. Nature and the environment are like a queen or a king, if it happens it happens and he starts again until he finishes the project he wants to do.

Most of the time, he uses ice and snow, stones, leaves, trees, flowers, wood and so on…

How Andy make his work… well, he thinks a lot about it, how he would like to do it, he does a lot of few sketches to have a kind of clear idea about his work.  He travels a lot around the world to express exactly what he wants to express and show to the public through his work. He will record his work through photographs and sometimes through documentary as “River and Tides’, because everything he does is  temporary so he never knows until when his art will hold in the nature.


Rowan leaves and hole – Yorkshire sculpture park, west Bretton – 25 Oct. 1987


Snow circle – Izumi-Mura Japan – 19 Dec. 1987



Reflection – Derwent water Cumbria – 8 March 1988

 Andy Goldsworthy try to explore in his work the understanding of nature by participating directly with nature as imediatly as he can. He wants to show his work as sensitive and fragile to the changes in material, season and weather, that is what it make is art work interesting and passionate.

For him touching and working the space around him is like magic, he enjoys the freedom of just using his hands and find tools around him to create something magnificient.

I could see the beautiful act Andy does with nature throughout the three pieces he has done. Well, he works a lot with geometric shapes, the middle of those are often round, it has a quite a strong meanning I guess, what could round circles mean? something deep, or deepless? strong…

For the first one, he used different leaves shades to create that piece of art. the second one is beautiful, all made with ice and snow that circle is just fantastic. Did you know that Andy Goldsworthy when he made it, he never expected that kind of phenomen of light. He just thought that it was the perfect place to create something with snow and did it, at the end of the day someting great happen, the sculpture was exactly on the right place when the sun light came through. Amazing no?

I think the last one is one of my favourite, because he made it on water. Fantastic! what for a patience he has, because that day, he went very early, he needed all the silence of the world to make it, of course because if the water is in movement, the piece could break in one second. He hold his breath…

It is like magic, because once on water, as the title says, there is the reflection of the wood sculpture and it seems as there were a whole circle. Magic!

Land Art work is very hard and quite impossible to keep in nature, so what Andy Goldsworthy does, is to photograph each of his art work when he finish them, he doesn’t wait to do it, because he never knows when it would came to break. He has got a room full of negative photographs. He also created a documentary film about his work called “river and tides”.

Yes, Andy Goldsworthy already exhibited few times in galleries. The one I know is Yorkshire sculpture park, but I know he showed his work in different galleries.

What I think about it, is that if you are a Land Art artist you work outside and you present your work outside at the place that you have chosen you work. There will be a big difference if you see his art work inside rather outside in the landscape, becauee there will be another understanding and meaning about it. Andy Goldsworthy choose the place where he wants to work with precision, he can feel something interesting on that place that why he stops there, maybe because the landscape has something special, maybe because it is calm or the air has something interesting, I can not really know how the artist decides where to stop but I know that on the place he will stop there will be something beautiful to see.

A land art work in a gallery? what does it mean exactly? nothing I guess, what does a piece of wood do on the floor or leaves and so on?… natural tools or elements need to be in their proper enveronment. There is nothing to add more because it is just a question of logique and understanding!

For the last task it is quite difficult for me to understand correctly and to give a correct answer. Are there spiritual awe in the nature? Everything depends on our feeling, on our state of mind, what are we supposed to feel in the natural landscape?

I don’t know if I am going to answer correctly to the question, but I will write my understanding about it.

Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter, walking through a field, a forest, next to a sea, a river or whatever, the sense of spiritual awe is something very strong, it is like if something was guiding us to somewhere else. Is it something big or small, thine or thike? If I speak about Andy Goldsworthy’s work, I will say, his work capture the sense of spiritual awe, because I can feel something strong on them just looking at them. A black hole, the sun light goes through or reflection on the water… that is simething magnificent and spiritual.


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