Ideas and development…

Friday the 12th, I already started with drawing some ideas about costumes, but I still wasn’t sure what I really wanted to create as a final piece.

So what I decided to do, was first two dressed inspired by roman clothing, nude colours very simple, because I guess it is important to include a little bit of ancient inspiration.


Then, I just decided to focuse on swiss clothing inspired by the typical one. First an ensemble for men, short with a jaket, leather shoes and a butterfly knot as a final elegant touch. Because When there is a question of events or national festivals, swiss men are all the time very elegant, well, the won’t wear a short with a jaket but my inspiration comed from the mountains and there they wear shorts. I did a mix of urban and folk ensemble.

For women, I decided to draw a typical swiss dress with embroidery on the collar: simple flowers and leaves embroidery.


At that moment I already had an idea that would be part of the costume, but the tutor told me to draw a little bit more and develop the idea of embroidery. So I started to draw another dress with embroidery idea, then a hair accessoire, and the last one a pair of high heels shoes with also embroidery flowers.

Here are the first pencil sketches.

Finished sketches, worked with different media and for the last one new paint texture.

After have done these, I focused on my final idea, and it is to create a handkerchief. Why? Because during years and years people used them in dramatic romantic movies, theatre or opera or baller and think still now when there is a representation. Well, not only in shows but also in the reality, people used to have a hankerchief in there pocket, whatever happen. I heard once, that men wear hankerchief to give them to women to clean their thiers… I don’t know, but it is a very nice story if it’s the truth.

However, I discovered that in the folk costumes people had one. So what I decided to do, is to have a piece of white-grey cotton fabric and on the border saw by hand a piece of embroidery. Then as I could notice that in each costumes there are a lot of embroidered flowers, I will do the same, create like a landscape full of colourful flowers.

First part of the embroidery

I really enjoy it, embroidery, I can feel the swiss atmosphere…

Finally at the end of the morning, I could take a photograph of my set design. I have to say that I had been a little bit worry about the result because as I said in the previous blogs, my idea was to put light behind the hot-air ballon and the mountains and then it should reflect on the set…

With a lot of optimisation, I did it and I was really surprisded with it. The colours there great and it reflected on the set. Well I expected that it would reflect the whole background but it didn’t work, just the basket of the balloon, but anyway it is better than nothing and maybe next time I could work a little bit more on it so that my idea works.



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