Artistic makeup

Monday we started the last week of rotation in theatre arts, but not only that, also the last theme in theatre and it is of course Makeup…

Unfortunatly because of the trips, we have this week, we had only one day left to have a talk and learn skills about makeup, well it is better than nothing. So the tutor showed us technique of airbrushing and counturing, quite interesting. I wished I could learn more but it is alright.

To start with the theme, I did first some research about makeup and prosthetic around the theatre and movies world, it is just amazing how people arrive to create something new and fantastic in the same way through makeup. To see all these skills and knowledges to transform a person’s face, to make it older,  more beautiful or ugly, depend on the circounstance, it make me feel as I were in a completly other world, that is just wonderful.


After this, I decided to do artists research, one of them called Tami Lane is a American prosthetic makeup artist and she won few times awards for best makeup, one of them was for “the chronicles of Narnia” the first one, she also created makeup and prosthetic for “Hobbit: an unexpected journey” I have to say that it is just an amazing work she did with the help of others makeul artist.


The other makeup artist I decided to include in my work is my mother, she is a great makeup artist, through her carrer and still now she created few bodypaintings and ageing makeup, she also worked for television and makeup for theatre, movies and fashion shows. She is a perfect inspiration as part of my primary researches.


The researches are done, let’s give place to my ideas. The ideas I draw were based on colours and shapes of chosen festivals, they are colourful and in presented in a kind of abstract way, it is what I like because it has to combine with the costume accessoiry and the set and as abstract it is quite easy to find a relation between those pieces.


The final makeup was focused on the red colour, that is a very important colour in Switzerland, you can find it everywhere. So red was put on the lips and as very large  eye shadow, then under the eyes I decided to create an abstract way again to represent the swiss mountains.

So that’s it! my final rotation, my final work. It has been a very great experience and thak you for every knowledges I could learn throughout my work and throughout tutor’s tips.


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