Today, Monday the 28th of November, I started with my chosen specialism that is of course fashion. I am so happy to have chosen this subject, because I believe I will improve more my creative skills in fashion and I am really exited to see the result.

So today we started the day with the brand new project called “movement”. It is defenetly a very good theme to work on, that I already enjoy because it is such an open theme that you are able to touch a little bit of everything around this theme and you will be able to let your creative imagination take place and guide you.

Firstly, to get us warmed up, we recieved a one day team project. The goal of the day was to go out and observe daily life movement about everything, it can be how people move in there daily life, movement of clothes, and so on… We just had to get inspired by movement through observation and that was fantastic. Furthermore we had to create a mind-map that shows how we see movement ans where to find it, in the same time when we went out, we had to take at least fifty photographs as primary research and then select the ten best pictures that inspired us the most.


When I went out with the two other girls, we found very good ways to show movement and knew where to find them. We observed the way how water moved, this fantastic and mysterious blurry water shows an interesting movement. But not only, we played with our hairs, our coats and everything we were able to find around us in nature. It had been a very nice experience.


When we came back, we created a contact sheet with the taken photographs, it was important to do it because so we have the whole record of our daily life movement experience. In the same time when I saw the printed out pictures, I noticed something very interesting, after have selected ten photographs I could see that there was the question of gravity, period of time, fast/slow movement, light, unclear and mysterious in the same way. When we move we don’t really pay attention of what and how it moves, we just walk, talk and listen but do we observe enough what’s surround us? I would like to know how many people do it, because observation is the main point of learning and creating, we should learn how to observe and I believe it will make people more interesting to look, we could imagine what they are thinking about and what they would to do or where they would like to go in the way they look and move and that is for me an amazing thing to explore further…


Finally, I have to say that it was a fantastic day in company of my two classmaits, I learnt a lot and gave me several ideas.

Well now the next step is to start with the project I would like to do. I guess I already have a great idea but I don’t want to say it now because I would like to develop my ideas further before telling it to everyone, the only thing I can say is that the idea comes from one of my biggest passion and it is…


But don’t say it!


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