Art of movement


Observation, movement is for me first of all a question of observation, in different places you will be, differently you will see the movement. Not enough people think about it, why do we move if no one observe us, it make no sense I guess. I decided to consecrate two pages about it because observation is the main point for every artist and for everyone, skills come through observation so it is the same for movement, when we observe people moving or other things that move around us, we can learn from them and  use the observed skills inner proper work. I said that even blind people can see movement, maybe not with their eyes but they will find a solution to understand it throughout their feeling. So everyone should observe and learn from it, observe and interpret the movement as you feel…



Throughout my work, I did some artist and designer research that could have a relation with my project, one of these is Tobias Gremmler, he is a German artist. Well, their is nothing to do with ballet in his work but the way he shows bodies moving make more sense and give some similarities to how the body moves in ballet. Tobias Gremmler is inspired by dynamic motion and philosophy of kung fu, they way people move doing kung fu is astonishing and it is a perfect example for show fast and strong movement. To create his incredible work, he first uses human physical craft and then create effects aided  with computer technologies to slow down the movement and be focused on it.

That why I have chosen him, because we aren’t used to see that kind of work showing movement, we often think about sport of course but the way he transform it and appropriate it is just amazing.


Another one, everyone knows him, he is Japanese and revolutionised fashion industry with his astonishing methods. His name is Issey Miyake and he created a new way to make pleated fabric that would improve flexibility in movement for the wearers but also a easy way to care and produce it and thanks this, he became on of the best fashion designer around the world. To get that kind of pleated fabric, they need very big warm machines that when they put the fabric inside, will create permanent pleats.

Issey Miyake didn’t only create clothes for fashion, in 1993 we was invited by choreographer William Forsythe to created several costumes for his next ballet production called ” garden in the setting”. For this occasion, Miyake decided to use his pleated method to create these dance costumes. They are really amazing for their impressive lightness on the body and their fluid texture, they express exactly colours and inspiration of William Forsythe. Next to it I decided to make  a same drawing using watercolour and fabric to demonstrate dancer’s gestures and their body lines.



I did a great discovery, I found a book called ” the art of movement”, it was created by Ken Browar and Deborah Ory, they are both passionate by ballet and photography, from their they decided to do a dance project in New-York city. Their project involves more than 70 dancers form different famous dance companies in America and also in other countries in Europe. Looking at these pictures, dancers’s bodies are captured in evocative poses that suggest weightlessness or even flight. It is exactly why I decided to add it in my work because they show wonderful bodies in movement and to see these shapes and muscles are just incredibly wonderful.


Later in the day I started to do some fabric research, and explore the way they fall. I took six different fabrics and sticked them in specific places, on the top, on the corner and so on, after this I put my sketchbook straight and looked how the fabrics fall on the paper. i took a photograph exactly how they were the first time. Of course if I would put them flat again and start again the fabric will never fall as the first time, they also move, depending on the circumstance. I didn’t finish but I am working on it.

The project still makes me happy, I continue to have amazing ideas that cross my brain every day and I can’t stop thinking about it even I am doing something completely different, but I guess it is only positive !


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