Ideas & research

After recieved the theme of the project on Monday, I already had an approximative idea how to do my project. I decided to work on one of my passion that is Ballet. To start I described movement as a maner to do something, to express ourself and give a message to someone. I would like to show throughout my ideas how the body and fabric combine together to show a pure and elegant movement.

On Monday, we all got a paper sheet about the project and what we are supposed to have in our sketchbook, on it there is also the deadline, but the thing that is missing is the programme saying what we have to do for when. Well it doesn’t matter for me, I made my own plannification until the end, saying what I have to do in the week before the next one. Becauce we don’t have a lot of time, it is a three weeks project and we need to do a lot, so it is better to have a strict organisation and follow the plan I made for myself and acctually it works quite good, better than I expected because there are things I already finished and I am very focus on the project.


To start a project we all need to do some research even we already have a main idea for it, but it is the main point before developping our own ideas.

Thuesday I started with creating my moodboard showing movement as I see it and based on the main idea of ballet. Bodies move in a pure and elegant way, floating in the air with the fluide fabric on them. I like the lightness of it, it is as a dream where noise doesn’t exist, it is just you and the lightness of your body’s movement…


As some primary research, I decided to show pictures of one of the dance show I participated in my previous dance school in Switzerland. On those you can see two teachers dancing a duo on latin music, on the other three previous dance classmaits. What I wanted to show here was the movement of the fluide dress following the movement of the body. On the other picture I wanted to show the exact body lines, how silhouettes are when dancing.


Following my primary research about ballet, I went to the library “heffers” and looked for ballet books, I found one very interesting, it is about the retired English principal ballerina Darcey Bussel. In this bool she speaks about her dream of ballet and how she followed it and how she became principal ballerina with only 2o years old. That is amazing! What she shows in her book is also all the hard work she needed to do, to become the best, however everytime with elegance and lightness and it is this that impress me the most in ballet. I know the feeling, as a ballerina you never have to show that it hurts you and that is tiring, never.


Another primary research is also based on a book I found in the library, there is not a title on it because it is a very strong book showing childhood fears. Susan Burnstine is American, she had a lot of fears during her childhood, but the thing that scared her the most, she made from it art. Her photographs are very strong it seems as you were in another period of time. For me, it is still movement capured on a precis time of life. I tried to reproduce the same kind of mood. Clear in some parts but blurry and mysterious in other, you might recognise it but you might don’t understand it. Maybe you would have question to ask but nobody with the answer. It is your own interpretation of observation.


The question is: Is the movement clear or untouchable? I guess I have the answer, but first I have to say that movement is made of enery, without it there is no movement. When you capture it at the right moment, it can make interesting effects that become still in one second, it is like you would not see it again any more, it happens ones and it desapear for ever. When you see it you try to catch the movement but in fact you can’t, but the way you move would seem easier to catch it even it it impossible, even we should never say impossible because there is always a way to do it and catch it.


To be honest I really like this project, it is as I were in love with it, firstly because the way I decided to show my work and my ideas are very personal, I know how to do it and how to show it. It could sound strange but I am all the time very exited about it, all the time I have new ideas that cross my brain and I can’t stop it. I even dream about it, in my dreams it shows how I should do my work and the way I should write to explaim the idea and so on. In the morning when I wake up I remember everything and without waiting a second I write it down to not forget it and I feel so proud of myself that I can’t wait to do and to show my final work, but first lets continue with developing my ideas…


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