When bodies move


In my last blog, I said that I was working on the way how fabric moves, but first of all I would to introduce another research that I called: When fashion moves.

Nowadays we see more and more designers and photographers associate fashion and working with ballet or other kind of contemporary dances. Models are tall and thin and when they wear these amazing piece of clothes and move inside, they make the creation more beautiful in the way to show how the fabric moves on a body and for me it can give the message that the piece of clothes is made with the best soft fabric and everyone will feel comfortable wearing it.

There are more and more fashion advertising showing movement of ballet. Moving with softness and delicatess with elegance in luxury dresses, ballet and fashion is the association of the begining of a new industry. Everyone would like to look elegant like a ballerina wearing beautiful piece of clothes. For me it is just an attitude to consider and we don’t have to forget it, because we are going to the future and I guess we would be able to develop this idea of ballet and fashion in the way of a new industry in our world.


Now I would like to come back to my fabric research. I have chosen six different fabrics with different kind of softness and materials. What I did is that I sticked the fabric in a specifique part of it: centre, corner and so on… I put the fabric flat on the paper and when I took the sketchbook in my hands every fabric felt differently from each other, in that moment I took a photograph of how they felt the first time, because of course a fabric never moves the same way as the first time, I could have manipulated the sketchbook differently and I could have seen new results, but for here I decided to work with the first result seen. After this I drew the fabric next to the photograph and the real fabric, I used different materials to try to show as well as possible the texture of it. So yes it was my experimentation of fallen fabric and it could have a relation with my mind map where it is written: free fall, floating and gravity.


After this I started to do some research about fashion films, I went to have a look on showstudio.com, a recogmented wedsite for fashsion films. I found one that could have a relation with my project, it was a fashion film for Erdem’s 10 years anniversary, he selected one dress for each year, that was quite difficult for him because there are such a lot of made dresses and he only had to chose one. Well after have chosen these, he created with the help of other people a short film showing archives of these 10 past years. I have chosen him because in the film the model moves with delicatess and elegance, showing exact body movement.

The second one I chose is not a fashion film but as explained, it is a film part of the NYC dance project related with the book “the art of movement”. It is a perfect way to see ballet movement in strong bodies. Each time I saw an interesting movement I stoped the video and did a screenshot and I have to say, depending when I stopped it, the shown movement is amazing and mysterious and if you have the possibility to listen to the music that is called: ” we move lightly” LP lumiere, it gives a wonderful sensation to the body.


Now I am starting to introduce my main project idea, but first I would like to show you two other works I did about it.

Geometric body it is called, without a body we don’t create movement. Without movement it is not a body. The purpose of my work here is to show how people move, or any kind of movement that moves around us. Of course it is nice to see how they move but what they don’t consider is that in any kind of movement there are geometric lines and people don’t pay attention to that. So as you can see in my work, I recreated the lines of the ballerina’s body but not as usual because it is with a white pen and a grey pencil and on it black ink dots. It was to experiment if we arr able to recognise the body or it is so difficult that our eyes only see geometric lines, and it is that the purpose of my work, because also in ballet lines are  very important points, depending how the line of our arm or leg or other part of the body is, it will give more emotion and specialy the understanding of the geometric body’s line.


Finally, a restricted body, what does it mean? Everyone feels restricted ones in their life, but here I would like to show the understanding of a loose restricted body in a delicate and pure way. The purpose of these two pages here is part of my project idea, that would show exactly loose bodies in movement, but in the same time restricted by another body that doesn’t want to let go the other one. And it is what I would like that people understand in my project: An emotional loose and restricted body hold by another one and never let it go…


I had my group tutorial today to show my first work and I think it went quite well. To be honest even it was just a small presentation to show everyone my first work, it was quite emotional for me to show and explain it because it is such a personal work that is important for me, so I hope everyone could understand my idea, because when something becomes personal to you it is difficult to share your proper words with other people who don’t know what you are thinking about, because they are not in your brain, but anyway the first week is finish and now I have to develop my idea to create a garment proper to my idea.





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