Today, Monday the 5th I started to drape from all my researches on the mannequin. During the weekend I could find the fabric that I wanted to use to make my garment and others that I would need. Maybe the tutors would say: how could I already bought the fabric and other if I even didn’t start to draw garment designs? Well the answer is simple, after have done our research and have clear idea of our project, we should be able to already have a global idea of our further designs, so that why I bought them, that’s it.

Actually I was quite worry to start to drape with the fabric I’ve bought, I was worry to reap it, so I only used the base and the elastic strings with a piece of calico, because even I am going to use at the end fluid fabric, I would be able to develop further the drapes with calico so that it would look like fluid fabric.



Tutors said: don’t be worry to destroy the fabric, don’t be to technical but create… How can I think about it, it is difficult for me, imagine that you where during three years in a school where you learnt all kind of technical theories to create a garment, I had to be precis to the milimetre, each centimetre of fabric was precious and now I have to get it go. Sure, now I am here in this school, I have to understand how it works even I already know it, but it is quite hard to explain that sorte of feeling.

Related to my project it is like a dancer who reallly want to dance perfectly since the begining, but if you think about it, the problem would be: what would happen when the dancer achieved the top of his performance? how are you going to progress further if you already arrived at the top? Just don’t dance as a dancer even of course you are one, but just let go your body and do mistakes to progress… What I want to say with this is that even I know I am able to be creative, I just have to experiment further and not be afraid to do mistakes and loose myself. I guess I am to protectic to my work and I want to make and create as I feel it, but what happen next? Would it be good enough, would the tutors like my work, would I like my work?

Clear ideas were always my strength, but develop from research even I already have ideas, it is a very big challenge for me and I would like to show to myself that I am able to do it even my brain stoppes me. I used to design and when I found it would be difficult to make, I just thought about a solution and how could I resolve it, but any way, today I draped to show inspirations from the researches and tried to have a logical understanding behind each of those.

I guess, I just have to continue as well as I can, and still be happy of my work I create.



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