The Turner Prize 2016

The Turner Prize was establish in 1984 and became through the years one of the most prestigious international visual arts awards. The Turner Prize is award to an artist under 50 years old and that is born and that is living and working in Britain. The prize is award to artists who use new medias and shows unusual work. The nomination goes like this: in May there is the public vote, then the announcement of the four finalists is in July, later on there is the exhibition of their work from October to January and at the begining of December the announcement of the winner.


This year the nominated artists are:

Michael Dean

Anthea Hamilton

Josephine Pryde

And Helen Marten




Helen Marten


2016 winner

The winner of The Turner Prize 2016 is Helen Marten, she is a British artist born in 1985 in Macclesfield, United Kingdom. It could seem surprising, but she was born just one year after the creation of The Turner Prize. Helen Marten studied one year at Central Saint Martins in 2004 and then she went to Ruskin school of drawing and fine art at the university of Oxford in 2005 to 2008.

She has been the youngest artist of the three others shortlisted finalists. The winner recieves £ 25,000 in prize money, and the others shortlisted recieve £ 5,000, that is still a lot.

Marten was nominated for her projects: “Lunar Nibs” at the 56th Venice Biennale and also her solo exhibition “Eucalyptus let us in a Greene Naftali” in New-York. During the current exhibition now in Tate Britain, Helen Marten is presenting:

Night-blooming genera forms
Creates poetic, pictural puzzles
The chair of the judges

Her work has been described as challenging, hard to describe, because The young painter and sculptor brings togheter a range of handmade and recognisable objects from every day life in her installations. The prize’s jury was given by Alex Farquharson, director of Tate Britain, who described Marten as a kind of poet, because her work is quite enigmatic, very exclusive and poetric, Helen Marten doesn’t think like every other artist, she is completely different. The exclusivity comes from her outstanding work with a range of materials and forms, amd that makes her exclusive.

There were three other artists, and each of them have their own creative way to show their work, but acctually it is quite difficult to say if Helen Marten was the right winner, because her work is quite special for me in the way that it is not the type of artwork I really like. The same if I had to choose another finalist as winner, I couldn’t be able to say it because they also have their own special work, so Contemporary art is alright for me, I don’t want to say that I dislike , because every kind of art is intersting to see but not more. I feel there is no aestheti in their work for me. But if the were nominated is because there is a good reason and because they are talented. So well done!


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