Design ideas

For the half of the day on Wednesday morning, I started to develop my ideas by designing from the drapes I did on Monday.

What I wanted to show through my ideas, was a restricted body but at the same time, the loose and free part of it showed with the fluid fabric.

As I said previously, development is not my strength, because most of the time I already have a clear idea for the project I am working on and also I know in advance what I would like to create, and that stops myself in my work when I arrive at this point. But even those little out of inspiration moments I am quite happy of what I am providing.

I did a serie of 16 models, they are all black coloured because the project is movement of course and what I don’t want is that the eyes are attracted by colour, I just would like to show the movement of the garment and the bod, not colour, it is not my inspiration in this project and for me when you see movement, you don’t see especially colour but the way how it moves and what message it gives to you.





I already went to see several ballet shows,  the best well known ballets from around the world, and I can confirm it, the costumes and the sets are amazing and beautiful, it makes the story true, but once the dancers start to dance, you only see them, you don’t see the decorations around them, you aren’t focused on what they are wearing or what they are telling, but you just see their amazing fast ballet steps and their gracious movement. They are another person for few hours, the dancers are free to show their talent in front of hundred and hundred of people. A ballet representation I went to see recently was in Switzerland, called “Bolero” from the musician Maurice Ravel and choreographed by Maurice Bejart, both passed away but wonderful artists. There were only men on the stage, dancing for several minutes, I didn’t know when it would stop, but I didn’t want that it stops, it was so beautiful I could even feel goosebumps in my whole body. The music, so powerful, suddenly I couldn’t listen to the music, instead I saw her, I saw the music helping dancers’s movement to move and create a deep atmosphere. I was impress by their body and how their muscles created geometric shapes on their, it is exactly what I am referring in my project, these geometric shapes on dancers’s body, they give confidence, power and freedom. It is a wonderful sensation…

Later on, I was thinking about what kind of final garment I could create, thinking where to sew the fluid fabric, so when I will start to dance, the fabric follows the movement. It is still something I need to think about and find a solution about it, but I guess I will find one quite rapidly.

Something great on Wednesday, is that I found my dance partner for the film, I am so happy that he accepted, well know everything are on my shoulders and have to think about how I am going to do it, but as know myself, I already have a vague idea.


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