Final idea

Today Thursday, I finished first of all my design ideas before to draw the final one. To design the models I used colour pencils and watercolour. To show  the transparent black fabric on the body I did first a wash with watercolour, a wash is when you put colour on your brush and then add a lot of water so that it becomes very light, so did this and then with a light black pencil I gave the shape of the floating and fluid fabric.

Finally, at the end of the day, once finish correctly all the designs I started to draw my final idea to make the garment as final project.


Why I decided to draw this? I wanted to show the opposite between restricted and loose, showing first some geometric lines of the body using elastic around the body and then include fluid and transparent fabric on the half of the waist and as a sleeve. I’ve chosen to put the fabric there because first of all I thought about the movements I will do for the film and it is important that the fabric moves while dancing. All my drawings and the final one are thought, in the way of imagining that there is a kind of wind or transparent movement that comes from above, under, or in front of you and makes the fabric moves as imagined.

In the morning we also went to visit BA’s and MA’s fashion design studios, it remind me my previous school, well much bigger in comparison with here but still a fashion design studio. The thing I was quite surprise to see and hear, was what they are learning from the first to the third years. Here in England you can be very creative and have a lot of imagination, of course it is what we need but it doesn’t matter if you know to sew or not because they will teach you in the first year some sewing skills. And it was this that surprised myself, I have the level of a third year BA student here. I know how to sew a zip in any kind of clothes, it was what I learnt in my first year, and then the thing is that in my second year I learnt how to work with leather, chiffon, silk and all these very thin and delicate fabric that are quite impossible to hold in your hands because they are all the time moving. The last year I did some tailored jackets, and worked with velvet fabric mixed with silk. The thing that I really enjoyed to learn was the way to create a tailored jacket with artisanal handmade stitches inside of it. That was great. As one of the teacher said during the visit ones you learnt all these skills in working with different fabric, you will be able to make everything, and that is true, in my final year we had to create our final collection about theme of architecture and we had to make by ourself the patterns, toilet, fitting and then make the final piece in the real fabric by ourself to without help of teachers, because they consider that after three years we are able to apply all the skills we learnt. So that’s it. Interesting day.



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