Process making – Garment

Friday, one week left before handing in our work.

Today I started to make my final garment. Actually I already started a little bit Thursday evening, to measure everything on myself, to look how long fabric and elastic need to be, because I needed to have a quiet place to be concentrate for cutting, I didn’t want to do any mistakes, because then it is as I would loose the money that I spent on the items and I don’t like that, I prefer to do few minutes of reflection without noise and people walking auround me and then cut what I need to make the garment.

small plan

So first of all, I started to cut the different length of elastic for the restricted and geometric part, I sew them by hand doing small stitches on the bodysuit. The elastic that would be in the centre of the garment, were stretches, so once worn, the bosysuit will be restricted and show geometric lines on the body as wished.


Then to continue I cut the fabric to create a kind of sleeve and skirt on the half of the body, to show the opposition between free- loose and restricted-geometric body, and the combination is perfect. Ones cut I sew them by hand on the bodysuit because the fabric I have chosen is very delicate and difficult to manipulate under the machine, so that why I chose to do my whole garment by hand, it is easier and faster.

I wanted to finish properly the fabric border using the overlock, so Saturday I went to school, but unfortunatly I’ve never used that kind of overlock so I couldn’t use it. Maybe I will ask on Monday.


Something I noticed at the end, is that even I was looking all the time at the final drawing I did a small mistake: I sew quite everything on the opposite side, but well it is just something small so I accept it as it is.

Sunday I am going to do the film because I already finished all the rest, so for the styling I decided to do a nude makeup and just with a red lipstick for the lips. I consider that the project is about movement and the makeup doesn’t have to attract people, I just want to show movement. Well, then for the hair I will either do a ballerina bun or a nat because I am going to move a lot and I don’t want that hairs come in my face, but also because it is about ballet, so I want to do everything properly. For the music I decided to dance on the final music of the high strung movie, a very powerful sound, that mix modern and classical and it will be perfect for the performance I am going to do. The place I choose to do the film is in king street’s studio, it is a very spacious place perfect to move.

So I am a bit nervous to do it, becuse I want to do it very well, but I think it will be ok and I asked two friends to help me to film and take photographs so it is perfect.


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