Fashion film

Sunday, it was a very important day for me, I went to King Street to film my final project about movement. Well, when I arrived there I didn’t remember that there were such a lot of chairs and music instruments everywhere around and I didn’t really want to move everything, so finally with the help of another classmate, we decided to move the two mirrors on each edge of a kind of white screen ans create like a close space but open in the same time. Finally the friend who was supposed to dance with me changed his mind so the space we created is a kind of bif body that doesn’t want to let me go out of its space. Even my project was about seeing two people dancing finally only myself, everything went pretty well and I am really happy with the result. The nice thing with the mirrors, were that my movement were reflected of course and there is a sort of strong atmosphere and it is what I liked the most. So the only thing I have to do now is to edit the film as I want and post it on a social platform.




Today Monday, the last week…..

First of all I wanted to finish properly the edge of my garment, as I said, I wanted to do on Saturday but the overlock they have at school, I didn’t know how to use it so I decided to wait until today. Louise helped me with this and showed me how I also can do on the sewing machine either with zigzag or normal stitches. I chose zigzag and it went very well, actually I could have left the edges as they were but I like to finish things properly so that why I really want led to do it.

Once finish this I wanted to start with editing the film but the girl who helped me forgot and then there was a kind of downloading problem, so finally I decided to carry on with my work and started to work on the social media part. We had to look for at least one fashion brand’s social platforms. My final chose was Akris, a swiss fashion brand, well known around the world and really refined work as I like.Akris has been since its begining a family company and still now it goes very well and become more and more successful. So Akris works with five different platforms:





And Tweeter.

Akris use them to show their several works, inspirations, they show what is going on around the brand and write always news about it. it has a simple way to attract interests of people, it is maybe simple but it is its own technique and it works. For their campains they look for famous models, they also do research about who are wearing their clothes and post the pictures of these famous people. Also the way they film their products are very refine and beautiful.


So, I did all this and I just have to finish the film and I would have finish the whole project on time. I am so happy what I have done for this project. I can say it: I am very proud!


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