Film editing

Today Wednesday was a great day, the day I started to edit my fashion-ballet film. This morning I came almost one hour earlier to start with it, because it was something totally new for me so I wanted to take the time to understand how Imovie works before everyone will come. So first, because the girl who helped me with filming sent to me the videos per e-mail, I had to download the videos from google drive to quick time player, I opened them and imported to Imovie, later on I just looked at the whole video to see wich parts are good to keep and others I should remove, so I did this for a while until it seemed perfect for me. But there was still something that I didn’t like, because in the bits I like there were other little bits I wanted to remove, but I didn’t know how to do it so with the help of a teacher, he explained to me that Ijust have to select the bit I don’t want and click delete, so easy it is…. I carried on with my work downloading the music I wanted to aďd to the film, actually there was already a background music but it didn’t really matched with the film so I just muted it and put the original sound.


Film and music are done, but to look perfect and have a strong atmosphere I adjusted the movement to the music doing slow and fast motion, that took me a while to do it but any way I really enjoyed to do it.

After lunch I helped Suzu to do her film, wearing her garment and we went on the last floor of the parking in front of our school, that was really great and she took nice shots of movement. One hour kind of break and then I went back to my film, I have no idea how many times I looked at it until it become perfect for me.

What I also would like to try to do is backwards filming so it could give a nice view of the movement, but I didn’t know how to do it and even those I asked, I will do it tomorrow with the help of a teacher. It is any way the only thing I have to do to finish my project and in a whole day I can do a lot so I am nearly finished.


At the end of the day I already showed to Maitena the video and I aked her what she was thinking about and she said it is ok, but she would like to see more, something special and also she asked me to do more than the others because she knows I am able to do it, and honeslty even I was already happy with the film I will do more tomorrow and see what I can add. But also I am happy to have heard from someone else that I am able to do more, I know I can do it but listen somebody saying to you is just great.

Let’s see tomorrow;)


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