Final Project

Thursday, I still worked on my film, to finish it properly. What I wanted to add was to do some backwards special effects on the movement combined with the music, I didn’t really know how to do it, I looked everywhere and tried almost everything, when finally I found it by myself, I was so happy so I carried on with the film during quite the whole day. I finished it as I wanted and the result for me is perfect, actually I know maybe I could do it better but I will maybe need the help of someone else who knows how to use very well iMovie or other similar medias, but for a own made film, and I never used before iMovie the result seem very well for me and I won’t change it at all.

Later on I completed my sketchbook showing the process of movement of the film, I also wrote my final evaluation of my work and I finished the project on time with everything done.

We had to do a fashion film, I did I film but it is not really showing fashion but more ballet, well, it doesn’t matter for me because it matches perfectly with the concept of my ideas and thoughts and also with all the work I’ve done the film shows exactly the movement of the body, its lines and fabric following movement while dancing, so the whole concept from the beginning to the end matches together and that makes me super happy.

A lot of people said to me that I worked very hard for this first project, of course I worked hard but as usual, I just put a lot of passion on it and that makes everything much easier, I just did it and the result is here, nothing else.

I really enjoyed this first project, it was just the perfect theme to work on to start the specialism. I enjoyed every minutes of my worked. Since the beginning, I told to myself that I wanted first of all finish the sketchbook bought until the last page, that I will show a great work and it is what I did.

So great first project, great three weeks!


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