Editing the body – Part 1

Wednesday the 4th of January 2017, I went back back to college, and I started a new project that will be in two parts and during five weeks until February holidays.

The first part is called “Editing the body” and is all about how in fashion, thanks to fabric and innovation, we are able to change the appearance of the body, I mean: how make  part of the body smaller, thiner, thicker, larger or longer and so on…

The first part will be during a two weeks work, where I have to do drawings and researches, but also research fabric and do drapes on a stand or body. For this one we are only allowed to use white paper and fabric, because with white we can see details of our creation.

I have to choose a part of the body that I want to work with and develop it, I have a vague idea but I don’t know yet what I really want to do. For the moment I started to do some researches about fashion designers who created innovative designs to change the shape of the body, and also some other artists and painter I know quite well who put exaggeration in their work.

This project is a kind of challenge for me, it is a very interesting project and we can really go out of what we see usually, we can do something big and unusual or more wearable and creative, it is up to us.

Because it is a two weeks work, I made my own plan to be sure that I am able and have enough time to do it and finish on the deadline. I am not going to do it in the hurry, I will take my time as usual, but because I don’t know what I want to create, so I need to be ready for everything and every circumstances, but I am ready to take the challenge and do my work as good as I will be able to do it.

I also had to show my sketchbook of my last project to the tutors, and I did it quite well, I put a lot of energy and passion in this work and I learnt a lot from it also, the only thing I need to practice is to start to draw and interpret my own fashion illustrations, but I know that and take this advice with pleasure.

A lot of work is in front of me but it will be alright.


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