Fashion designer & Artists

Friday the 6th of January 2017, I continued with my drawings concerning the chose body part.

I dedicated a page to the body’s anatomy from Leonardo Da Vinci, on the next page I did something similar but about historical fashion showing a an Italian bullet bra form 1950s. I was just wondering how fashion influenced people and how our body appropriated it. Can we imagine ourself today wearing a bullet bra in a cone shape? It is amazing to think about it, but it has its own elegance and sensuality with the texture and and spiral stitches.


The few next pages, I dedicated them to fashion designers and artists that may influence myself to do the project. I chose them attentively, some of them I already knew and another I discovered doing my researches.

The first one is Jean Paul Gaultier, the famous french fashion designer, I have been inspired by his work of corset, I find them so elegant and beautiful. It is fascinating how he reinvented the corset in a way that changes the appearance go the body, well it is more focused on the hips but he also does incredible shapes on the breasts.


The second one, I discovered her doing some research, her name is Xiao Li, she is a Chinese fashion designer. I really liked her designs, they are unique, in the way she created her own style doing over-sized knitwear and humorous, brightly coloured designs and it is what I like on her, colourful and innovative knitwear. Most of the time, she’s get inspired by modern architectural structures and she believes that knitwear doesn’t have to be shapeless, and that it is just a perfect thinking for the project; play with the body and create something that have am interesting shape. Although, her work is described as ” Marshmallow chic” because of its interesting shaped clothes made with an incredible fabric, similar to neoprene but something that she invented herself.


The last fashion designers are Viktor&Rolf, I just wanted to spend a page about a wedding dress they made in 2011. It is just astonishing how they created it, all these shapes and layers, possibly inspired by the Victorian years and gigot sleeves. It is a perfect example how to change the appearance of the body on a unusual wedding dress.



Let’s talk about artists, They have their own ideas and imagination, they know how to impress the audience doing astonishing work. I didn’t really know what kind of artists I should research that have used exaggeration in their work. Finally I decided to work with two artists that I know quite well, and for me they have that kind of exaggeration in their work but in  different way than we could maybe imagine.

So the first one is Fernando Botero an Colombian artist, painter and sculptor. He found his own way to show art, he is easily recognisable with its round and voluminous shapes, in 1957 he discovered by himself the possibility to exaggerate and expand volumes in his paintings.


The last one, for me is the most impressive, it’s Escher, the lithograph and drawer known for his impossible constructions. He explores to infinity and represent paradoxical shapes that show our usual form of representation. Maybe it is not instant to see exaggeration in Escher’s works, but for me there is shown in a certain way. I chose him because he is kind of part of the hidden secret that I would like to explore in this project, in the way we are able to represent unusual forms in 3D.



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