Research Part

Thursday, I continued with the project, working on the research part; my chosen body part drawings, artists and fashion designers.

I thought about, how will I be able to change a body part, manipulating or exaggerating it in all different ways? For me a body is a body, it has its own defect like its own advantage, but a body has also its elegance and sensuality, they are all different from each other. What I really would like to do and the challenge will be, is to keep body’s natural beauty,  but looking from a different point of view and then manipulate and exaggerate it as wished .


I really appreciate the project, the only thing is that I can not be concentrate on my work, my brain stops me, there are reasons for that but I can not stop thinking about them, and I know I have to, not forget, but put them on the side, and really be focused on my work, I think it will take some days until I am able to work as before the holidays… Any way.

At the beginning I really didn’t know on what I wanted to work on, but thanks to the life drawing lesson, where we had to choose a part of the model’s body and draw it, I knew I will work on this part for the project. Normally a project starts with a  mood board but I did the opposite, the first drawing I draw was my inspiration, so for my mood board I thought about body’s anatomy, something strong and sensual.


My inspiration have been the chest and hands, because they are both very elegant part of the body, they can show sensuality in the way they are shown, but also very interesting parts to work with, because from my point of view they both hide a kind of secret and I would like to explore it.

So first of all I drew chests from different point of view and techniques, to show there shapes and texture, later on I will carry on with hands.

I also decided to include a page about body’s anatomy, and who better than Leonardo Da Vinci, his was a kind of god about life knowledges in his time of life, he explored how the body is made and what makes it so strong and special. Leonardo Da Vinci wanted to understand how it works and why we have such developed body parts. For me it is one of the hidden secret.



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