Monday, the 10th of January 2017

I started with the drapes inspired by my chosen body part, that is the chest/breast. What I wanted to show has been more about our representation of 3D shapes and what they mean to us, inspired by Escher’s work. Other point of inspiration have been, round shapes by Botero, and any structure of our body’s anatomy.

Also a point of inspiration by developing the ideas have been Jean-Paul Gaultier’s corsets, they all have unique and interesting shapes around the breast, that why I created a kind of cone with paper inspired from his work, and I changed places to show many other possibilities of changing the appearance of the body.

What I tried to do, was to change the scale of the breast, looking to do it smaller, larger or bigger, depending always on the researches I have done.

Other kind of drapes I made with paper, seem to look like fans all round a breast, the other one is uncovered and make it interesting to develop.

I had an advice form the teachers, saying that I should do my drapes “bigger” and go out of my box and my comfort zone. I know what I am doing for the project, I have my ideas and I have my technique, the thing is that they say that I should try to do it bigger, but what does it mean, do it bigger? I have maybe an idea but after the lesson I thought, why I didn’t ask them to give me a little example, because Maybe I see something but they think about something else.

I really take teachers’s advise with pleasure, but I have to feel well with it, because if I do something that I feel it doesn’t correspond to my work or thoughts I won’t maybe feel the pleasure of something that is personal to me, I don’t if you can understand me, but I am not doing a work for others, it has to be a satisfaction for me too first and then if other people like it, good for me, because if I think first about others, what they would think about my work , I will probably be worried and think about how can I do my work, so that other people like it? I won’t have pleasure at all to do it.

So on Wednesday I will carry on with the drapes, trying to have an example from the teachers, and then I will see the result and do the drawings to go further with my work and be on time with it.


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