Drapes – 2

Wednesday the 11th.01.17,

Today I didn’t spend much time on my project’s work, because first I only had half of the day fashion lesson and second because I had to start to select my work for the portfolio.

Last weekend, I went to Fitzwilliam museum do have some primary research looking for breast/chest. I could found few sculpture that interested me, in the way they were sculpted and shown.


The first one is a Greek torso of Dionysos from the Gymnasium complex of Salamis in Cyprus from the 2nd ce. AD. I chose this torso because I  like the way it is made, it has a nice side line and something special. Well it has been found in Cyprus but during the Roman period in a Roman place. That kind of History fascinate me a lot, there are such a lot of thing that happen and were found, you don’t know really what is true or not, you just can trust books and historian. that is really interesting.

The second one is a bust of the actress Oriel Ross made of bronze, I quite like the texture and how she looks up. The last one is a Roman sculpture, there wasn’t any information about it, but  can guess that possibly she was someone important in the Roman period. I also decided to choose her because she a got something sensual and mysterious in the way she poses, and the effect with the light and the white skin tone is very nice.

So I came a bit earlier to print out the drapes I made on Monday with paper and fabric. Later on I just cut them out and stuck them in my sketchbook ready to do observational drawings. I also made few more inspired by the artist Botero with his round and big shapes. Most of them have been inspired by Escher’s work, kind of 3D work or interesting shapes, also the famous work of Jean Paul Gaultier with his corset. Well now it is done and I am very happy with what I created, I just have to draw them and carry on with the rest of the work to be on time.

So for the portfolio, I got help from a tutor to select my work, and she explained me how I could to it digitaly. So I spent the rest of the morning to scan the work.

There is a lot to think about; project, portfolio and contextual studies presentation and all submited approximatively the same day or week, I just try to calm down my head to be the most possible organised and consentrate to do the best of myself, because all thes are very important, which one the most, I couldn’t say it, but well, I will try to so by best and let’s see the result later on.


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